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What is the IDL Symposium?
The International Data Link Symposium is the annual gathering of the data link community. It showcases an international consortium of independent government and industry organisations. This annual 3-day event is a combination of exhibits, briefings and educational events in a Government/military-Industry environment.

Who Sponsors the Symposium?
The IDLS is sponsored by the data links community. The International Data Links Society (IDLSoc) was founded to promote interoperability and provide a single event that brings together all of the experts from the data links community in one place as a resource for new data links programs and a forum for exchanging the latest advances in interoperability and data links technology.

Where is the next IDL Symposium ?
The next International Data Links Symposium is being held in San Diego, California, USA from 29th October  - 1st November 2018.

IDLS 2018 Theme
"Planning for Transformational Success"
The Data Links community continues to work within a world that is rapidly changing, from geopolitical, economic and technological points of view.

We are facing emerging military threats, such as the ever-increasing Ballistic Missile capability of North Korea, and cyber warfare tactics of non-Allied Nations. At the same time, we are moving towards the roll out of next generation Tactical Data Link (TDL) technologies, such as Link 22 and Link 16 capable radio development and expansion. The changes that are in front of us need to be effectively managed, to ensure that we achieve a high level of collaborative interoperability, within the constraints of our individual National defence procurement budgets.

Further Information on IDLS 2018
Information and registration details can be accessed here.
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