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TDL Summit 2014 - 10 Nov 2014
Tactical Information Exchange Integration Office (TIEIO), in conjunction with the Australian/New Zealand Chapter of the International Data Link Society (IDLSoc), is holding a Tactical Data Link (TDL) Interoperability Summit at the National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC) from 0830 to 1700 on 10  November 2014.
The aim of the TDL Interoperability Summit is to inform stakeholders and the wider Defence and Defence Industry community of current and future issues concerning TDL in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The focus of the TDL Interoperability Summit will be on bringing Defence and Industry together to develop an understanding of the issues and activities currently affecting the TDL community.
Aim of the Summit
This one-day Summit aims to provide an overview on the following topics:

     •  TDL Implementation and Support Issues;
     •  Integration of the various TDLs;
     •  Monitoring and management of TDL;
     •  Recent joint and combined TDL operations; and
     •  Pacific Rim TDL initiatives and programs.
The TDL Interoperability Summit will include:

     •  A keynote address;
     •  Plenary sessions;
     •  A Tactical Information Exchange Domain (TIED) Focus Group;
     •  A Battle Management System (BMS) - Command and Control (C2) Working Group;
     •  Panel discussions; and
     •  Networking opportunities.
Summit Program
Speakers include :

•  MAJGEN Fergus McLachlan, Head of Joint Capability Coordination, Vice Chief of Defence Force     Group - The Joint Battlespace Network - A Joint Capability Coordinator Perspective
•  Mr. Markus A Anderson, DISA - Tactical Data Links – Achieving United States Command and Control Convergence and Coherence.

•  CDRE Charles McHardie, Director General Australian Defence Simulation and Training  Centre - J7, Joint Operations Comm - COP/CTP Operations - A Warfighter's Perspective

•  WGCDR Paul Drysdale, Director Communication and Information Systems, New Zealand Defence Force - Tactical Data Links in the New Zealand Defence Force

•  Mervyn Wills & Jason Longdon - Lockheed Martin Australia –  TIED Integration Lessons Learnt

•  Dr Peter Camana - Viasat – How Software Defined Radios are driving Tactical Data Link convergence

•  Mr. Ray Cage - Boeing Defence Australia - Industry Perspective – Implementation and Integration of TDL’s in Aerospace Platforms

•  Mr. Daniel Caon, SAAB Australia and Mr Aiden Crees, BAE  – Industry Perspective – Implementation and Integration of TDL’s in Maritime Aerospace Platforms

•  Mr. Adrian Craven – Harris – Industry Perspective – Land Combat Network Radio Integration

•  Mr. Paul Straughair - Raytheon – Industry Perspective - Air Land Integration

Full program coming soon.
This workshop is open to participants from Defence and Industry who wish to keep abreast of ADF and International TDL development. You should attend if you are:

     •  Capability Managers and Policy Developers working with TDL within the Tactical Information Exchange Domain (TIED);
     •  Capability Developers, Projects or Project Offices that have a TDL requirement or capability; and Members of Defence Industry associated with TDL.

Attendance is limited to 200 delegates.
Who Should Attend
For more information, contact:

TDL Interoperability Summit Managers
Consec - Conference Management
PO Box 3127
BMDC ACT 2617 Australia

Telephone: 61 2 6251 0675
Facsimile: 61 2 6251 0672
Email:  idls@consec.com.au

Summit Manager: Kellie Singer
TDL Summit 2014 Program
TDL Summit 2014 Program
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