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TDL Summit 2018
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The Australian TDL Interoperability Summit will be held prior to MilCIS 2018 on Monday the 12th of November 2018 at the National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC) from 0830 to 1700. The agenda will consist of Defence and Industry Briefings and Networking opportunities.

Following the success of last years Summit, the ADFTA in conjunction with the AS/NZ Chapter of the IDL Society is again taking the initiative to host an Australian TDL Interoperability Summit to:
a.     Promote TDL awareness and interoperability,
b.     Coherent delivery of TDL services,
c.     Promote the goals of the IDLSoc, and
d.     Raise the presence of the Chapter.


The aim of the TDL Interoperability Summit is to inform stakeholders and the wider Defence and Defence Industry community of current and future issues concerning TDL in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The focus of the TDL Interoperability Summit will be on bringing Defence and Industry together to develop an understanding of the issues and activities currently affecting the TDL community.


This one-day Summit aims to provide an overview on the following topics:
a.     TDL Implementation and Support Issues;
b.     Integration of the various TDLs;
c.     Monitoring and management of TDL;
d.     Recent joint and combined TDL operations; and
e.     Pacific Rim TDL initiatives and programs.

Summit Program

Pending confirmation the TDL Summit will include:
a.     A Keynote address
b.     Defence presentations
c.     Industry presentations
d.     Networking Opportunities

Who should attend?

The Summit is open to participants from Defence and Industry who wish to keep abreast of ADF and International TDL development. You should attend if you are:

a.  Operational End Users, Capability Managers representatives and Policy Developers working with TDL within the Tactical Information Exchange Domain (TIED)

b. Capability Developers, Projects or Project Offices that have a TDL requirement or capability

c.   Members of Defence Industry associated with TDL.

Attendance is planned to be limited to 200 delegates.

For further information or if you are interested in supporting this TDL Summit please contact the Event Co-Ordinator here or Chapter secretariat using the enquiry form located here.
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Sppnsored Registration - To be eligible for an ADFTA sponsored registration you must be a Commonwealth Employee (APS / Military) and you will need to provide your PMKeyS number. There are 80 positions available and they are on a first come / first serve basis. After all ADFTA sponsored positions are taken the pricing will change to:
Commonwealth Employee (APS / Military) - $170 for Early Bird and $220 afterwards.
0855 Joint Force Integration
0940 Land Network Update and Lessons Learnt
Stream 1 Stream 2
1050 ADF JDN Roadmap ADF Land Fires Platforms and Radio Link Development
1120 MTN Sub Program Air Land Integration - Challenges, Issues and Lessons Learnt
1150 Which Interoperability Standards to Use - And When Tactical Datalink Integration and Data Fusion
Stream 3 Stream 4
1310 Australian Naval TDL Capabilities and Lessons Learnt Tactical Data Links enabling the Fifth Generation Air Force
1340 Developing Message Text Format as a capability Live Virtual Constructive TDL Training
1410 Not Available Challenges of Employing Tactical Data Link Gateways
1440 Tactical Datalink Training and Development Virtualising TDL Systems
1600 SEA 4000 Introduction into Service and Lessons Learnt
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